My Purpose Of Accounting As A Career And Accounting

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Growing up as a kid in primary school, I had developed a love for figures and a lot of careers. I wanted to be a doctor, engineer and accountant. I had difficulty in choosing one out of the many careers I had in mind.
Finally, I settle on accounting because it was part of the subjects given to me to study in high school hence I developed interest for it. In Ghana, most students’ careers are predetermined by the high school they attended and the course they offered in high school. Fortunately for me, I had ‘business’, where we were taught most business administration subjects, for instance, accounting, business management, cost accounting, economics and core subjects. There I realised accounting as a profession will be best for me and no any other profession can be better for me. My choice of accounting as a career was born out of my passion for it in high school. I did not choose it just because of my interest alone, but I was also good in it which makes me believe I can also be a good accountant. Accounting has always been among the subjects I performed better in every end of term exams and even my final year exams (WASSCE), that is why I decided to study accounting, auditing and analysis in the university and I am still doing better in it.
Copenhagen Business School is a university I always dream to study my master degree because it has master courses that can help me achieve my dream and fulfil my passion of becoming an accountant. I would be very grateful if I am given
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