My Reading Habits Analysis

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1.) The purpose of my literacy narrative was to explain how my father and peers influenced my reading habits. Their opposition towards reading made me stop reading in order to fit into the social norms of society. My father pressured me to play sports or watch TV; he felt like we did not get enough quality time together when I had my nose in the books. I learned that my father and true friends would love me for who I am and not my reading habits.
2.) During my writing process, I began by listing reading and writing events that affected my life and my reading habits and my style as a writer. I also wrote a list of the major literacy sponsors in my life. I found that my mother was my greatest literacy sponsor. She developed a foundation of
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I struggled with how how to approached this and make it more of a narrative than an ordinary essay. Through my many revisions, I edited through the roughness to make my essay better. The essay illustrates what events in my life impacted my reading habits. While some details were vague in order to make for a better story, the essay got its point across. I wanted to show how society can pressure people into discarding their reading habits because it is not “in trend.” I felt that I adequately used descriptive words in order to get my point across. When I stated,”As I went on my journey with a roughly drawn map of Deltora, I caught twinkling green fireflies to symbolize the seven gems of Deltora. Stuffed animals littered the yard, each stuffed animal represented another character in the story.” I was able to include an interesting story of my childhood and connect it to how I wanted to please my father.
4.) In an academic essay, the content is normally straightforward. In contrast, a Literacy narrative tells a story. A Literacy narrative “shows” and does not just “tell.” When describing the flower, the writer would describe its scent, the color, and the types of leaves rather than just stating what type of flower it is. It is more about telling a story than restating information. The writer is able to tell what impacted his reading and writing career by telling it in story
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