My Reflection About Facilitating Learning

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Honey Joy B. Soleria September 14, 2015 BSE-BiologyIII My Reflections about Facilitating learning and Student Interaction Being a teacher is being a tool to create progress on each individual. The teacher works on a purpose as a designer;imposing knowledge upon his or her students in some creative manner and as an agent for change. From this purpose, progress will be bestowed in the future or through times. It is my heartfelt desire to choose this field. For almost 3 years of being an aspirant on this field, I have experienced quite a lot of challenges that leads me to learn better especially from our field studies: On becoming a teacher—where I have created a lot of reflections about teacher as a person, teacher in the classroom, teacher and the community, global teacher, and the teacher as a professional. Moreover, I have also figured out everything especially on facilitating learning from the course Ed124, the social dimensions on education (Ed123) and lastly, the educational technology. Although I have learned everything from my other subjects too before, but as I have mentioned above, it contributed a lot of things to me. In summing up those learnings, I came up on recognizing another reflection. Teaching requires a lot of strategy and effort. The teacher has to be very competent to become effective on providing leadership in various disciplines through giving quality education to his/her students. To meet the effectiveness in terms of educating the mind and
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