My Reflection About Love: My Concept Of Love

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Reading chapter 8 relinquish my clarity about love. I enjoy being in love with my girlfriend. Despite being in love, love is between two people who is attached mentally, spiritually, and physically. Either is same sex, cohabiting, heterosexual, or marriage people fall in love once or twice in their life. Love is amazing and essential great for couples. Societies of different cultures have varies conception of marriage. Cultural values, sexuality, sexual orientations, and marital status have plenty of effect on love. Loving someone or being love is a powerful mechanism, but it makes people hate or love each other. I will develop my own theory and give my expression about love. My philosophy of love focal point is the importance of intimacy,…show more content…
Love is in the air when we have the three components. Our relationship has a love building block connection which from real passionate love. Trust is a supportive dependable outcome. Trust bonds the couple together. Trust is doing what is expected and believing the person has the best interest for the spouse. I trust my girlfriend in our relationship and our trust has grown over time. So, there is no way we will never cheat on each other because we have trust in our relationship. Trust happens to convey trust for couples who are together in their relationship. My last components of my theory of love is commitment. Commitment is not just marriage it means staying bonding by long lasting love. Commitment to love each other enables a drive of intimacy, trust and commitment. Having an irreplaceable rock solid attachment together means you have some type of commitment. For example, my friend has commitment with his girlfriend. They love each other deeply and committed to one each other. My theory of love is intimacy, trust and commitment. There are varies types of relationships theories and elements in psychology. In spite of theories of love my favorite is Triangle theory of

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