My Reflection As A Physical Therapy Assistant

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Working full time for the past two years, I have had experience being both a physical therapist aide/technician and even an assistant. I have completed observation hours at Gentilly Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, where I was a technician to a couple physical therapy assistants and physical therapists. At Gentilly rehabilitation center, I understood the nature of the work by assisting patients through weight training, teaching them the proper way to move around and assisted with recording the progress of each treatment. While observing patients under a physical therapist's supervision, I also had the responsibility of supervising lower level technicians during my support duties. Then the following year I observed at PhysioFit; I had a chance to…show more content…
Not only did I have hands on experience with patients but I also performed clerical duties such as scheduling appointments, recording demographic and insurance coverage information. At Piedmont Hospital I provided accurate education on procedures that were needed for new patients. Over the summer observing at Emory Hospital I accessed the effectiveness of therapy plan by observing patients’ reponses and observed patients during PT procedures to determine discomfort or pain. The last place that I completed my observation hours was at the Childrens Hospital of Atlanta in providing cold pack treatments and operated and maintained therapy equipment. Last but not least, I assisted the patients in administering active and passive therapeutic exercises. At all of these clinics and hospitals I have learned a variety of techniques, while completing the fundamentals of cleaning, organizing work area, securing patients with therapy equipment and motivating patients. Having to work under different physical therapists has shown me how to assist licensed physical therapists efficiently from their long hours of hard work. These educational experiences have taught me to go above and beyond my dreams and to expand my
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