My Reflection As A Writer

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As a writer, I am constantly looking for ways to improve. Staying updated with current events keeps me exposed to various parts of the world. I believe that having an interest to learn not only about what’s around you, but also the world in which you live in, is really something that needs more attention amongst the student population. I am always getting inspired to talk and have discussions on topics about current events going on. When I start writing, I find myself having trouble putting my words on paper. It’s easier for me to just have a debate or conversations on something rather than writing it out. There are many times where I vent out my emotions or help myself clear my mind by jotting down notes. Writing is something that I believe will always be apart of me. I love to read about many different things that I haven 't heard of before. It helps me better understand myself and learn about stuff that not many people may know about. When I am writing an essay, I just let my words flow through. I make sure to write whatever comes to mind just so that I can release all my thoughts and ideas before editing my work. When doing this, I feel like a weight has been lifted because then I don 't have to struggle to remember all my thoughts and ideas since I 've already written…show more content…
What I like most about my writing is that they’re all my own thoughts and opinions. I can always express myself through writing even if it’s for no one to read. I’ve always had strong views on topics which relate to major controversial topics. With writing I have a chance to just go free and not worry about what other many think about how I feel towards those topics or issues Writing is private, no one has to see if I choose not to. I can let my mind go free and just pick up the pen and start writing about fantasies, dreams, nightmares, and even problems. I feel that writing down stories about myself, someone else, or even an imaginative person or creature. This helps me create a world of my
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