My Reflection Essay

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A Reflection upon my Writing I like to consider my writing process unique to that of other individuals. However, I know that my process is alike with most people. I personally am indifferent about writing and English. To me, I enjoy it because it is a great way for me to get my ideas out and it is a creative way to get people to see my side of a topic. In contrast, I do not enjoy writing because it can be tedious at times, and if I am not passionate about what I am writing it makes the process more drawn out. The feeling that I get when I am writing is dependent upon what it is that I am writing. As stated above if I am not invested in the topic then I have to personally find a way to get invested in it otherwise my paper will be subpar.…show more content…
First and foremost I plan a day to write. Before I can actually write the paper I have to make sure my desk is clean and clutter-free. All of the essays that I have written were in my dorm room at night time. It is a necessity that I have a Rockstar energy drink and that I listen to country music in order for me to concentrate. I make sure I have all the texts that I may need as well as I make sure I have efficient background knowledge to be able to write intellectually. When I initially begin to write I focus a good amount of time on the introduction and thesis statement. In addition to doing that, I will do bullet points and write other key details for the outline. When I begin my rough draft it usually ends up being messy by the end. What I end up doing is rearranging the paragraphs to make the paper go more smoothly. Once I am done with the revisions I give my paper to my friend at New Mexico University to help revise my paper. He is usually really helpful because he gives me good criticism and he is a journalism major. Having good friends help with my essay is a blessing and a curse. It is great because I get more revisions and more opinions so that it makes the paper stronger. It is a downfall though because my friends can turn into a big distraction which makes it more difficult to write. Other distractions that I encounter are my phone, social media, and Netflix. All of which makes it hard at
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