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Throughout my high school years, I have invested my time in extracurriculars to learn from students and teachers, develop leadership skills, and more importantly, to meet others who share similar passions. This year, I am the president of Chinese Club. I teach over 50 members about Chinese culture by incorporating videos, martial arts movies, arts and crafts, and informing them of upcoming Chinese cultural events. My aspiration is to encourage students to be well-rounded and enjoy learning about all sorts of cultures. I want students to understand that there is a lot more to the world than what we perceive through our own eyes. In my school’s robotics team, I have led a team of 15 as the co-president and head programmer. Together, we worked…show more content…
Computer Science intrigues me because I am able to solve problems and use my imagination to produce unique software that helps others. My dream job is one that deals with computers and robotics. I believe that I can truly make a difference with innovative and well-engineered technology. It all started in middle school when my brother introduced me to a website called Ever since, I have been fascinated with the lines of code that could solve problems, create games and websites, program robots, and the list goes on! Through codecademy, I self-learned Ruby, Java, HTML, CSS, and BASH. I have also developed my coding skills through classes such as AP Computer Science, Computer Science Principles, Maker Class, and programming a robot for my school’s robotics club. Throughout my career, I would like to share my knowledge of computing and technology by becoming a mentor to students, and starting free summer coding camps. I really want to encourage students to learn how to code because code can solve so many problems, especially with the prevalence of technology. It is becoming more and more important to learn how to code, and there are so many things that can be created. By learning to code, students can truly make an impact by maintaining cyber security to ensure privacy, programming robots to perform minimally invasive surgeries, creating virtual reality games to help students learn

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