My Reflection In My Writing Class

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Writing is like a way for me to get all those possibilities, scenarios, ideas, and what if questions down on paper because it’s a way for me to express myself permanently. Before I took this writing course, I felt writing was not necessary for my education. In my writing 200 class, I have learned how to fix run on sentences, comma splices, fragments, and improve my grammar. I have improved my writing significantly, but I still have some work to do. I have been working on my writing and know I am ready to succeed at the next level because in 200 I learned how to proper use of transitions, and correct placement of commas. I am ready for my next writing class because now I know how to use transitions correctly in the essay. At the beginning of the course, I had no knowledge of what transitions were. As I look at the essay that I wrote on the second week of writing class, I notice some areas where I could have put transition phrases. This is shown at the end of third paragraph where I wrote, “ I learned a hard lesson about how to fight and defend myself ”. This lead into the fourth paragraph stating, “ I have been back from training in boot camp, and I feel really strong about myself ”. In the…show more content…
My greatest challenge is learning how to correct placement of commas.. In the past, i thought I can put commas everywhere I want in sentences. In my diagnostic essay, I had many mistakes involving comma errors, run-ons, and fragment sentences. These mistakes made it hard for reader to follow the story because it was so choppy. After I took professor Liljenstople, I learned how to put commas in the right place. In a compound sentence, I always put commas before conjunction. Through constant practice, I feel that I can successfully compose an essay that a reader can follow without any annoying comma splices or run-on
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