Reflection On Being A Nurse

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My Reflection
One of the reasons of being a nurse is showing caring. Milton Mayeroff says caring is ‘helping the other grow’. Caring consists of knowing, trust, hope, patience, courage, honesty and humility. The nurses should show these elements to be caring. For example, the nurses should be patient and carefully to take care disabled clients. There are some change of the roles and responsibilities in nursing. Firstly, the nurses are more professional. Nowadays, the most of the nurses have high educational level such as the bachelor degree or the master degree. Apart from the clinical skills, they study different aspects of knowledge like pharmacology or Chinese medicine. They do not only focus knowledge they had learned. They study more knowledge in order to
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In the past, the nurses only followed doctors’ orders. They did not have any power to make a decision. However, the nurse clinic is more popular in Hong Kong. For example, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Nurse Clinic offers would and stoma care to the patients. Experienced wound care nurse specialists may assess and evaluate the patients and develop wound care treatments to them. Apart from the hospitals, the nurses can work at community centers or residential care homes. Thirdly, the nurses do not only care clients’ physical needs. They may provide health promotion and illness prevention to clients. Taking an example to people with Diabetes Mellitus, they are recommended to eat regular meals at each meal. Also, the nurses may provide spiritual support to clients.
There are two therapeutic relationships between nurse and client. One is like family members. I watched a video about Hong Kong nursing care. In the video, Miss Paulina Ho works at the Bradbury Hospice. She provides the care for the dying to the patients. She points out that her role like replacing patients’ family members. When the medicine is ineffective for terminally-ill cancer patients, giving spiritual support is a better way to help the
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