My Reflection: My Improvement In My Writing

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Have you ever had to evaluate your progression in writing? I have made many improvements in my writing, but still need to continue to improve. I have learned many new writing techniques since my reflection paper; however, I still need to build off my strengths, focus on my weaknesses, and follow my goals for writing. I have learned and created many new strengths when it comes to writing. First, I have paper and paragraph unity; as a result, my paragraphs flow together. Equally important, my writing is easy to read. Learning how to install transitions into my writing could have made a difference with the flow of my writing. Transitions break up the choppiness of writing; as a result, making my papers more enjoyable and easier to read. Before this class I had no idea about transitions; however, this has helped my writing advance, and I have had a better experience…show more content…
First, I would like to work on my procrastination. The goal I would set for this is having an assigned paper finished two days before the due date of the rough draft. This goal will prevent mistakes when it comes to rushing a paper. In addition, this goal will also give me the ability to proof read my own papers and fix any mistakes I find. Another goal would be to figure out my writing style; consequently, this will help the writing process become easier and more enjoyable. Lastly, I want to improve from each writing assignment, and not make the same mistakes on the next writing assignment. With setting and achieving these goals; consequently, I will set myself up for success in composition two. To conclude, I have made a lot of progress when looking back on my first paper in this class. I have learned many new techniques, and will continue to learn many other techniques. If I build off my strengths, focus on my weaknesses, and follow my goals; consequently, my writing will continue to improve and I will become a better
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