My Reflection Of An Effective Teaching And Learning Process

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Each student is expected to present his/her own reflection on how far tackling of task 1 to 4 will help in making him/her become an effective teacher.
Broadly, an effective teacher does not only involve having a deep content knowledge but also organisational, management and communication skills. He/she must be able to organise instructions, provide relevant assessment and fair evaluations. In addition, an effective teacher is responsible to create a warm classroom climate to promote enthusiasm, motivation and an interactive teacher-student relationship. It also implies to be caring and understandable and above all enhance learning. An effective teacher should be able to provide effective teaching and learning process.
Dealing with the tasks about “differentiated instruction”, “motivation”, “disciplines”, and “thinking skills” has broaden my mind better about what they are. During my reading for the assignment, I have been able to understand each theory which is link to the point mentioned above. Moreover, I have learned how to apply it during my teaching in classroom so as to increase positive response from my students.
Effective teachers are distinguished by their devotion to the students and to the job of teaching. As a teacher, one must feel the responsibility for the achievement and success of the students and own professional development. According to the reading that I made while working on “differentiated instruction” I have found that all students can learn

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