Chaos Theory Personal Statement

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This summer, I hope to gain mathematical knowledge and meet like-minded peers. Mathematically, I look forward to learning more about chaos theory. About 6 months ago, I attended a lecture on chaos theory. The talk kept concepts somewhat simple, but I was intrigued. Since then, I have explored various writings discussing chaos theory and its applications, ranging from web articles to simple physics problems (the double rod pendulum was a particularly intriguing study for me). I look forward to further exploring chaos theory (and applications, cryptography in particular) during my time at Mathcamp. Aside from furthering my own mathematical knowledge, I would also like to meet others with a similar mindset towards math. My hope is to engage in…show more content…
Although I am enrolled in the most accelerated math track possible for my grade level, the courses are significantly easier than those at the Art of Problem Solving. My math teacher embraces other forms of math, and encourages us to further explore areas of math that are not taught at school, like graph theory. The school’s math club also provides students with a way to prepare for math competitions. However, nothing is perfect. In school, there is a focus on getting the answers to small problems. I believe that although smaller problems are necessary, solving larger problems and proving solutions are also important; rather than using a formula, deriving the formula would enhance the learning experience. The mathematical community embraces this idea. The Art of Problem Solving books have guided me across number theory, calculus, and probability. I also annually take the Bay Area Math Olympiad, a proof-based quiz sharing the spirit of the Mathcamp Qualifying Quiz. The answers are not very important; in fact, a well written proof with the incorrect solution may receive substantial credit. I wish that more 4-hour competitions like the BAMO were available, because I enjoy solving the problems, even after the competition has
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