My Reflection Of Life In Post-Mechanical Engineering

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What would you say when asked what life is? I would say life is like a motor race, no matter how bad the track is, we have to keep riding until we reach the finish line. Well, there is no finish line in life until we get settled in a particular phase and here I am to commence a new episode of my life. I introduce myself as Mohamed Shajahan M.A, a Mechanical Engineering graduate who pursued a B.E Mechanical at Easwari Engineering College, Chennai, under Anna University. After the graduation and as days passed by, I became clueless where to start my life. Furthermore, a couple of friends and relatives had questioned regarding pursuing a post-graduation studies following graduation. The answer is that I wanted to make certain that I had chosen an appropriate course and an ideal place before embarking on a course of study. One morning my father told to assist in his business and henceforth agreed to it due to the curiosity over it. Consequently, working further a year resulted in gaining a vast exposure and experience concerning several aspects of the business. Every day when getting up in the morning, I would be in an excitement getting prepared for the day 's work. Most importantly, learning from an experienced person such as my father is a great fortune. Having worked in the field of Manpower Consultancy, I had learned and expanded my knowledge on client dealing, recruitment process and also establishing contacts. Along with him, I had dealt with important clients from
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