My Reflection Of My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Since undergoing the transition from second-level education to third level education, my pre-existing ideas and beliefs regarding education have been strongly challenged and completely transformed. Until recently, I had never thought critically about education or considered the different possibilities for education. Rather, I had just accepted the view that education equates to schooling, and that the current education system is the most effective available. However, after reading the works of many educational thinkers, and reflecting deeply upon them, my mind has been opened, and I can now see that there are major flaws within our system of education.
Consequently, I have started to develop a personal philosophy of education. The three main components of my educational philosophy are:
1) The continuous learning and education of educators so as to achieve their full potential as teachers
2) The vital establishment of strong and considerate relationships with students
3) The encouragement of students by educators to think for themselves, thus developing their individuality and enabling them to experience that which they are learning.
The above points have been developed from my reflection on some key educational thinkers ideas and beliefs regarding a teaching philosophy. This essay will provide an insight as to why these three points have, to date, become a fundamental part of my teaching philosophy. Firstly, what is education and what has been my experience of education

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