My Reflection Of My Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education is made up of the purpose of education, the curriculum and methods, the role of a teacher and about the students’ role. The philosophy is made up from experiences and from a famous philosopher named John Dewey. He inspired me and has allowed me to take control of my teaching and transform my teaching into a reality. The main idea of his philosophy is the belief that the relationship between the individual and society is vital to each student.
School is to be a place where education occurs based on principles of mental activity and on the processes of growth (Schofield, 2012, p. 146). Based on research and experiences, I have discovered that school is a community where the students become active members and making abstract transform to concrete. For example; all subject teaching should be based on reality and practicum skills. After mastering the skills, the student/students will then adhere to the real world to make use of said skills. Skills may vary from mastering how to fish to becoming a pilot. The main point of education is mastering the skills to make a productive life and in turn become a productive citizen.
The environment and atmosphere does play a major role in education. I believe that each child deserves a stimulating atmosphere: in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially to become positive and active members in education. For example; if I am teaching about farming,
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