My Reflection Of My Philosophy Of Education

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Part A
My Philosophy of Education
Every educator has their own philosophy for their teaching regardless for young children or adults, as we have this philosophy, we will follow the guideline or the mission that we want to teach for our students. In my experience teaching, I have evoked with some of my feeling to young children. With this philosophy that I have, I can work with it with my passionate to work along with young children. I also believe with the philosophy that I have set, I need to fulfill the work and provide good quality practice to work with young children in order they can grow more holistically, they can learn more confident and gain their knowledge. Philosophy also will help us to work along with young children and their families. It will help us lead to develop as a value to young children. I do believe that with my patience, caring, passionate and as well as committed to my work. It will help me to guide and develop children better in their learning pathway.
Patience: I will use patience as my first quote in my teaching philosophy, why I use this because I do believe that each child has their own ability to receive their knowledge in different way. There has no child have the same growth of their development in term of their physically or mentally. If we really love our child, we need to learn how to accept the child regardless the child are gifted, special needs, or slow learner, we also need to learn how to guide or educate them, and help them gone
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