My Reflection Of My Philosophy Of Education

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“What is your philosophy of education?” This is not a question you can answer in one word, one sentence or even one page. It is much more complicated than that. You cannot just “get” a philosophy of education like you get bread and milk from the shop. It is rather a process of discovering and clarifying the beliefs you already hold. Everyone will have a different philosophy as everyone will have had different thoughts and educational experiences both good and bad. What is the meaning of philosophy anyways? The internet tells us that it is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence”. In my own opinion, philosophy is having the ability to understand reality and being able to ponder the questions that life presents us. My philosophy of education is a reflection of my values and my views on society. As future educators we must always remember the importance of our job. Teaching can be full of challenges and responsibilities, but also full of pleasure and joy. Every student has an individual and unique experience of school and it is my desire as a teacher to ensure it is both enjoyable and worthwhile. I want to create an inquiry-based classroom where students are not waiting for the teacher to provide an answer, instead they ask questions and seek solutions for themselves. However, my primary mission, as a future science teacher, is to stay clear of the traditional learning method where students sit down and listen to a teacher for forty minutes
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