My Reflection Of My Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy

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My Teaching Philosophy As a teacher, my philosophy is to organize classroom, knowledge, information, activities in order to provide my students an active, learner-centered environment. Moreover, in my opinion, there are some crucial elements of my philosophy; Motivation, Social-interaction, Creativity, Communication, Multiple Intelligences, and also Meaningful, Discovery and Cooperative Learning. Motivation is the process that sustains behavior. As a teacher, we have to keep our students motivated. Thus, the more motivated they are, the more learning process occurs effectively. In this way, positive reinforcement may help us balance our young children’s motivation. As I consider, reinforcement is somehow behaviorist approach but if we become an effective observer, we could know exactly when and how much we reinforce our students. For me, that helps to reduce affective filter in the classroom environment and create an effective learning process among children. For instance, we can create an effective atmosphere by using games and songs. As I observe my students, they like being rewarded and I know how much reinforcement to give and balance it. Weirdly this sets a great competition among children. In short, the most important thing is to make learning process happen. Moreover, we can stimulate their behavior in a positive way towards learning English with children. However, among adults, that may not work no matter whether they are rewarded. Adults may have intrinsic or

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