My Reflection Of Poetry

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As we did this year I 've learned many things. One thing that I learned that poetry is not based on rules it is where you can be free but in previous years I thought poetry was had to rhyme , so restricting that I did not feel there was any fun in it. I never felt that I could fully express myself because I was so concentrated on the rules and the regulations would have to be like and there 's always something in my brain saying that it had to be a certain way ,it was never like oh it can be this way or it can be that way it was just a straight through. And now with this one here I realize is something where there is no rules or boundaries but there is freedom and you can express yourself in any way. As I was expressing myself this year I saw that the side of me that I 've never seen before. I always tried to put on a smile and have a good laugh it 's just my personality but as I write my poetry I realize that it seems that it “depressing” but I didn’t but it helps you release the feelings that I 've been bottling up inside all the sad and happy ones whatever it is I just let out. And I feel like this is much better than anything else because with poetry no one can know my true feelings for every person that reads it they holding you meaning to it and it doesn 't matter reading it. Of course even in time to change the meaning of the Poetry is a beautiful thing where it could be such a deeper meaning or I 'm just describing the bird on the tree and I use this as an

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