Reflection On Community Life

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Community, love, service and forgiveness are all major aspects in the CJ community, the community in which we live in, and every community in which people live. All of these aspects are practiced throughout our everyday lives and are worked on to better shape our community in the future. Service is an act people use to better themselves and the others around them that need help. Throughout my sophomore year, both my contribution in my service to my community and my sodality time, have helped me shape into a better person and has made me feel more willing to help others out arounds me to better their lives. During my sophomore year, I completed a variety of different service opportunities that were presented to me. Throughout this past summer break and school year, I have made it a priority to give to others and learn more about myself throughout my service life.…show more content…
I thought it was interesting to do the second semester project with my sodality to find out how people see and live out respect in different ways. I think it is so interesting getting to know a few people and getting to talk to them once a week for a whole year. I think I gained better relationship skills with others through learning about one another's stories and faith lives. A lesson I learned about myself through my service work was that I have a burning passion to help others. Whenever I was getting ready to go to service, I was always excited and I was always happy thinking about all the people I was going to help that particular service day. I also learned that after I complete service, I have a desire to go and sign up right away again to go help others and to get involved in my community because I found doing service for others made me have a quality of happiness that I have never experienced before I got involved in service a few years
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