My Reflection Of Teacher As A Teacher

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At the end of TPD course, which consisted of some weekly journal writings and reflection writings, discussions on seminal articles in the field, sharing experiences with classmates who were teachers of English and finally conducting a research project. Throughout this 14 weeks of intense course, I enriched my knowledge on TPD. Besides, I also detected some TPD practices that I had been doing intuitively and I renew my knowledge on TPD. This course caused some changes in my perception of teacher and TPD. Although I had always been trying to search my classes to detect any deficiencies in my teaching or any problems in the class, and afterwards to find some solutions to make my teaching more effective, I had not realized that the teacher in the teaching context could be so functional. Previously, for me, teachers were organizers, motivators or facilitators in the class. But now I know that they can be a teacher, an observer, a coach, a mentor or a researcher. In other words, now, I perceive the teacher as an agent who is capable of fulfilling many functions in achieving higher levels of learning among learners. Consequently, now I think of teachers as more functional and stronger in their profession than I used to consider before. Previously, I perceived TPD as an issue mostly related to the institution that a teacher is working for. Although I was aware of the fact that teachers had to consider developing themselves as much as they could do, I regarded TPD mostly as
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