My Reflection Of Teaching

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This week I have learned that I enjoy teaching, however, the longer I am teaching the more I wonder if it is for me. My week started off by attending a professional development seminar, where we were shown this video . It really made me think about how we are educating our students. In reflection of this week, I see how we are setting our students up to be just like the young lady in the interview. We are not teaching the students how to critically think or how to learn but are teaching them how to take a test. This video made me think even harder about my decision to become a teacher. I want my students to learn how to learn and how to think for themselves, not just be able to answer a question on a test. As a teacher is there a balance between the two? I will have to see if I can find this balance. My week continued in the classroom, with my mentor teacher being out all week. I have had a sub in the classroom with me. This has allowed me to hear from many different points of view on how I am handling the class and teaching the students. The subs have been very supportive and given me many words of encouragement. Since my mentor teacher is not in the classroom, I have been able to experiment with different classroom management techniques using the suggestions of the subs. The one that I have found to be most effective for me, is like the clip up and clip down. However, I have changed it a bit and used the happy face, and a
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