My Reflection Of Teaching: My Philosophy Of Education

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Education is only a nine letters word however, it encloses a huge world. With full confidence, I dived into the ocean of Education more precisely into the process of teaching and learning. I then started to believe that research is the main pillar for skillful teaching. Hence, my teaching philosophy resonates mostly with Paulo Freire but, sometimes I do find a little bit of John Dewey and Nel Noddings within myself. I firmly believed that a teacher’s most important role is to make content accessible and to build enthusiasm about what is being taught through the creation of an environment where, interest in the subject is relevant and transferable. On the words of Paulo Freire (1921-1997) “There is no neutral process of Education. Education…show more content…
Dialogue concerns more than just deepening understanding. It is concerned with making a difference in the world. Noddings (1999) also affirmed that engaging students in dialogue allows teachers to learn about their needs, working habits and talents. As a result, I view teaching as an interaction between a teacher and a student thus, the impact of this interaction on learning is of key importance as compared to my activities as a teacher. My philosophy of teaching can be portrayed as a philosophy of learning. By using flexible teaching strategies than a strict loyalty to a particular teaching style, I am able to adjust my teaching to go with the abilities and existing knowledge that each student brings to the…show more content…
He was not a believer for one style of teaching. “Nothing has brought pedagogical theory into greater disrepute than the belief that it is identified with handing out to teachers’ recipes and models to be followed in teaching” (Democracy and Education, 199). Hence, my principal role as a teacher is to create interactions which encourage curiosity and understanding for students. Creating a conducive learning environment was always my priority, where my students becomes agents of their own lives and I rather opt for a teaching style that is highly interactive and where my students get the opportunity to engage in dialogue, which is key part in Freire work (1973: 92) where he argued that “…true dialogue cannot exist unless the dialoguers engage in critical

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