My Reflection Of The Philosophy Of Education

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The philosophy of education is what influences how and what the students are taught. A lesson plan created on educational philosophies help the teacher or educator a clear path on where to guide the students and how the classroom session will take place. It is impossible to teach without a lesson plan, for it is the source of guide for the teacher. With the practice of lesson plans, teachers focus more on where to reach with a goal in mind, rather than straying away from the topic. With the help of lesson plans, teachers are more confidently able to organise time limit as well. Below is a sample lesson plan based on one of the traditional educational philosophy: Idealism. Idealism believes that the act of knowing takes place within the mind. This perspective of philosophy is recommended for formal classrooms. In these type of classroom, the teacher acts as a role model for the…show more content…
Educated people tend to stand against discrimination of races, gender, culture and religion rather than supporting to it. Uneducated people tend to believe in stories and tales brought down from their ancestry, but none of them seem to seek and check whether or not they are true. They simple just follow the old-wives’ tales because everyone does. Being uneducated makes you a follower, but being educated makes you a leader. It makes you want to be better person and it makes you want to make others into a better person. Being educated leads us to a better environment. If one is educated, he would earn a good amount of money and he would also know to pay his contribution to the society in the form of income tax or even donating to charitable funds. Under-developed countries will flourish more with better and more educated people, so everyone should have the opportunity to be educated. If a country helps its citizens to be educated, it is solely for its own purpose, for being educated makes a person a better citizen of the
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