Reflective Essay About My Writing 102 Course

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This writing 102 course has opened up my eyes to see writing as a place to explore new things and express my opinion on different pieces of work. My favorite thing about this course was writing about poetry. It was something I have never done before and it was actually kind of fun. I could make my own judgments and compare them with other individual’s thoughts on the poem. Transitioning from a lousy high school writer to an acceptable college student writer was a long journey for me; I made more progress than I thought even. I feel like I have been making a lot of progress with my research on different assignments, my creativeness has gotten a lot better, and analyzing has become less difficult for me. This is the first time I have actually done a research paper on a novel while in college and it was a challenge for me; all the other research papers I did were on my major or what I career I wanted 10 years from now. The page length was my biggest problem because all the research papers that I…show more content…
My skills for writing are not where I want them to be, but if I feel like I can better respond critically to other individuals points of views. There are a countless number of things I need to work on, but I can say I am still getting better overtime. Taking the writing 102 course made me view writing as less of a burden to me. Writing now does not seem to be very difficult for me, but more fun because I can be more creative and break thing down. There’s more freedom so I can also thing about what the author is trying to say or reveal to his or her readers. Why is the author trying to connect with them or is the author just informing them on something? I have made a great amount of progress from high school to now. My thoughts about writing have made a huge turn around for me; it has become more fun and interesting for me. I can see myself taking a few more writing courses in the
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