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I am writing to share my reflections on the work I’ve done, the things I’ve learned, and the challenges I’ve overcome over the course of your Writing 121. I will also be sharing how I plan to use the tools that this class has provided me with in the future. Specifically, I will be writing about my struggles with writing analytical papers, some of the personal challenges that I faced while writing them, and the techniques that this class equipped me with that helped me to overcome them. Since analytical papers aren’t easy for me, my strongest essay this term was the Literacy Narrative essay at the very beginning of the term because it allowed me to combine my more creative writing techniques with the analytic paper style the class was designed for. I think that there were many reasons for this, but I think the biggest one is that I tend to be more of a creative writer and so an essay like that was perfectly up my alleyway. Plus, as I mentioned in the essay, reading was a huge part of my childhood and books were “My safe haven, where I felt most comfortable in the world,” this made the essay easier and more enjoyable for me to write because it was something I was passionate about.…show more content…
Analytic papers, especially when they are reviewing non-fiction works, doesn’t come naturally to me. For instance, in response to my Analytic Summary paper, you mentioned that I latched onto the “smaller ideas” in the original article instead of the overall meaning, I think this happened because I am used to writing more abstract papers. However, the challenge that these essays presented me with were good for me because continuing on in my school and work careers, I will need to be able to interpret and analyze material that I find more dry than the works am I used

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