My Reflection On My Clinical Experience

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This class has been a great experience for me. My culture is very different and even though I have many American friends I never got to see and experience what I have seen and experienced during my class and clinical days. I have never had anyone that suffered from alcoholism or drug addiction. This experience was a new world to me and I was able to discover that many people suffer from many things. Throughout this class, I have been in an AA and NA meetings and had a chance to get to know many people and learn about their struggles and stories. Each individual had a different story and it was a very great experience for me to apply my knowledge to learn more from others. The most experience and knowledge I got from my clinical. By learning about therapeutic communication I was able to apply my knowledge and communicate with patients.…show more content…
Throughout my experience, I have also learned that patients are not necessarily telling us the truth about themselves and no one gets into a mental health clinic by accident. The knowledge and experience will defiantly influence my future practice because I am planning to be working as a nurse. I am not sure what kind a job I am going to be offered, but if it turns out to be mental clinic I am very confident to take the job. In any medical field, the chances to be working with a patient who has a mental illness are very
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