My Reflection On My Clinical Feedback Experience

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This essay discusses a feedback encounter I had in reference to my teaching and how this impacted my preceptor role. It further explains how I learned from it and how I modified my preceptor practice. Furthermore, I evaluate this experience in reference to the literature. Finally, I consider feedback methods and how they could be applied to my teaching practice. Clinical feedback and its impact As a clinical teacher I once experienced unexpected feedback and this made me more reflective about my practice. This experience forced me to change the way I teach, the amount I teach in one session, and the way I interact with students. My clinical feedback experience with clinical teaching context When I was an instructor overseas, I used to teach caregivers the same way I learned as a student. I taught mostly via lectures, PowerPoint presentation and demonstration. I believed that having a sound theoretical knowledge, vast clinical experience as well as professional communication skills define a quality teacher. My belief was challenged when I started working as a theatre nurse preceptor. While constantly giving mini-lectures in theatre for less than a week, a student appeared to be overwhelmed by the information that I had given. She disclosed to me that she felt I had presented too much information in too…show more content…
However, considering that each student has an individual learning style, I have acknowledged that developing a flexible teaching style is vital to enhancing teaching and learning experience. Consequently, the feedback has prompted me to reflect on my practice. The student’s comment may not directly refer to my teaching method, however she suggested an approach that was different to my style. It was a struggle to change considering that the feedback was given in broad context. It felt like I was heading into a totally different and vague

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