My Reflection On My Literacy Narrative

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I was unsure of my overall writing skills upon entering this course, but with each individual skill that was taught to us, I was able to connect all necessary components for success. In my previous semester in college I took several general education courses that had lengthy writing requirements and I was able to get these assignments done but not without many struggles and sub-par final products. By actively participating in class and completing all of the assigned work, this course has laid the foundation for me to continue to improve my writing skills. During the entirety of this course I consistently worked on all the of the technical parts of my projects. By utilizing both required text books, I made sure that each one of the major assignments met the…show more content…
These changes made the essay make more sense and gave it better overall readability. One sentence that I changed in my opening paragraph was, “With my mind anxiously looking forward to the adventures to come in my military career, these stories of travel and adventure kept me going and wanting more.” As I read this now I see how it is very vague, and by elaborating on this one sentence it sets the tone of the rest of the paper and it allows the readers to understand the details of my relationship with literacy.
The penultimate paragraph in my Literacy Narrative was meant to try and explain my relationship with literacy and how others may be able to use this same idea to have hope and to prepare themselves for situations they may encounter in the future. Again, I was very vague while trying to explain this to the readers. The changes I made were to not leave questions unanswered but to directly state the benefits that I personally gained from reading these books and how others may benefit from this type of reading as
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