My Reflection On My Childhood Education

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It’s important to reflect back onto my childhood years because they are what drive my ambitions today; the environment that I was raised in explains both my struggles in education as well as why I am pursuing a career in neuroscience. I was the youngest of three children with a gap of 5 years between my eldest brother and myself. Unfortunately, my mother and both of my siblings suffered from drug addiction that inevitably forced them out of the house when I was still young. My dad was a type one diabetic and since I was the only one left living with my father I was given responsibilities that the average eight-year-old didn’t have. I was trained in administering shots and taking glucose measurements with ease! These responsibilities may have…show more content…
I had very few extracurricular activities, few friends, and a hard time getting to class because I had to take care of someone who otherwise had no one else. At 17 I was forced to dropout of high school to tend to more pressing matters regarding my father 's health and recovery. I never lost sight of how important an education was but attendance wasn 't a realistic option. In the summer of 2010, after two more strokes and the amputation of both of his legs, my father passed due to the extent of his illness. Though his body couldn 't handle any more damage, he never stopped fighting and trying to rebuild his foundation and our doctor never stopped supporting him in that. In 2012, I moved to Washington state and got my GED. Within a few weeks I was attending classes at the most diverse institution in the nation: Highline College. During this time I was diagnosed with Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA), which had gone undiagnosed until I was 22. The medical condition added a layer of difficulty to obtaining my Associates degrees and resulted in a few withdrawals. However, I still managed to graduate with a 3.39 GPA, and most importantly, I learned exactly what I could do with my own two
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