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The way that you think is not always the same as the way that you speak or write. The way that people do things are different from others that are around them. I would classify myself as a planner as well as procrastinator. When it comes to doing things I always take my time and wait until the last minute to get it out of the way. Sometimes I think of myself as backwards simply since I always plan before time but then wait until the day before something is due to complete it. I always do certain things because I be wanting to get things out of the way, but then it begins to backfire on me. The level of procrastination that I have will always be at an all-time high, this is because I feel as if I do all my best work when it is last minute. My last-minute work to me is…show more content…
The readings have helped my writing by giving me a sense of guidance and examples of how my writing should be. The class discussions had helped me when it came to writing by shaping me to be able to analyze and self-evaluate my own writing. Things have changed and becoming a more analytical and evaluative participator is social issues have helped me gain more confidence when it comes to my work. My analytical abilities have sharpened by being able to continue to keep my creative juices flowing, but when it comes to my logical abilities they have stayed the same since I always think realistically when it comes to my writing. My work is a constant reminder of who I am and who I am trying to become as a writer. The growth of my writing has come a long way and has gave me a better understanding of what I need to do so I can write better. This semester I think that my best writing would have been my narrative essay, I say this since I could express myself by using real world connections. As my time at the university progresses I know that my writing will be at the next level to where I want and need it to

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