My Reflective Essay

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Throughout the semester, I have been challenged with many different writing techniques that have helped to improve my writing. Over the past few weeks, I have attempted to incorporate these techniques into my essays, resulting in boosting my skills as a writer. The following will discuss my improvements as a writer, as well as the challenges I have faced this past semester. When I revisited the first essay assigned to me, I came across many areas that needed improvement. During the revising process, I could see how much my writing improved during the last 15 weeks. The first area that needed improvement was that I referred to the reader as “you” I also noticed a lack of transitions, and a lack of decent sentence structure. As I continued…show more content…
One aspect I learned from this book was the theory of omission. I learned that sometimes, less can be more, and a good writer should be able to give minor details to stimulate the mind of the reader. In my third essay, A Life Like Turkey and Potatoes, I attempted to include the theory of omission. Although, this needs a lot of improvement, I feel that I have taken great strides in developing confidence as a writer. One last challenge I overcame was the expectations I had for this class. Walking into this class, I assumed that it would be an easy A in, however, this became the only class I am struggling to get an A in. I was challenged with thought-provoking class assignments, and demanding essay choices. While being challenged with the material we covered in this class, I also acquired high expectation of myself and my writing. I aimed to improve my writing and I believe I have taken great strides in doing so. While participating in the peer editing process, my eyes came across many different styles of writing. I read three different papers, and each of them were executed differently than mine. It was intriguing to see how an essay assignment could take complete different paths. I believe reading other student’s work allowed my creativity to grow, thus improving my
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