My Reflence In Art

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Even before high school, I realized early on that I thrive in all forms of the arts—from performing to creating, I am always willing to further challenge and push myself. Because of this, I have a great respect for the fine arts, as my peers and teachers have taught me an array of lessons, about both myself and my creative style. These influences in my life encouraged me to take on a variety of art courses throughout high school, allowing me to practice honing my artistic ability as I take on as much as I can fit in my schedule. Following the basic, introductory art courses, I have taken Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Ceramics, Graphic Design, and AP 2D Design, as well as two Drawing classes and three Painting classes (which is as many as Waukee offers). Amongst all these classes, my grades have remained at a steady A, which I have worked hard to maintain despite the demanding workload of these varying classes. I love to push myself when it comes to creating impactful and interesting art pieces, and having these opportunities has helped give me a platform to demonstrate that. I’m always looking to learn something new when it comes to art, whether it be through a new style, medium, or method. Through these classes, I’ve learned important lessons about being a creative individual, as well as how to feed that flame through dedication and practice. As such, I’m eager to continue pursuing art in college and into my adult life, in order to see how my style will further develop and

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