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In my younger years of life my heritage; such as my family of origin did not have a negative or positive aspect with my relationship with God. My family did not really talk to me about our religion but, I knew we were Christians due to some of the spiritual figures and bibles placed around my house. I would rarely go to church with my family except on holiday’s such as; Easter and Mother’s Day. My family never baptized me or made sure that I was saved. I believe my location and my elementary school friends played a greater role with my developing relationship with God than, my family of origin in younger years of age. In elementary school, one day my best friend asked me to attend church with her and her little sisters. The church that my…show more content…
I was able to establish my relationship with God while, at the same time being around my peers. At one point, almost all my friends in elementary was attending this church. Unfortunately, once I moved away from the area in the sixth grade, I stopped attending church. Some of the most important people who influenced my journey with God is as previously mentioned my best friend from elementary school. As I got older, my influenced evolved more around my mother. My mother would always tell me she’s praying or tell me to pray whenever, I was going through a difficult time. Lastly, my most current influence with my journey had to be from a psychic. My mountain top that made me feel the closest with God is also a time period where I was struggling with my faith. This past September, I had a lot of things going wrong in my life all at one time. For example, I recently bought a new car. I was told that this car was dependable and going to last me a very long time. That statement was a total lie. I was only able to drive my car for two months before, I needed a major repair on it. This major repair was a completely rebuilt transmission which, was going to cost me a little over 2,000

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