Essay On My Family Relationship

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I grew up in a God-fearing household. I attended my church’s academy starting in elementary school continued there until I moved overseas. I attended church just about every night of the week with my mother. If it was not intercessory prayer or mid-week Bible study, it was dance practice, deacon board meetings, or special revival services. When I was seven I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior for myself. It was at this time I realized I could not make it into Heaven on the salvation of my parents and that even though I had loved Jesus for as long as my seven-year-old mind could remember I had not said the sinner’s prayer. When the altar call came at Children’s Church (which I rarely attended) that Sunday I made that commitment. My relationship with my family is forever growing. I have two brothers and a sister whom are biologically related to me. I also have three siblings that are related to my older brother, two by birth and one through marriage that I consider my siblings as well. Of course we do not see eye to eye and almost none of us live in the same state, and I am currently living in a totally different country. However, from time to time I am able to catch up with them, especially since there are only two of us without children. I absolutely have to check on my nieces and nephews regularly. My relationship with my mother has come a long way. Throughout my teen years we struggled to connect but now she is one of my best friends. As for my father, when I was younger, we were inseparable and as I grew…show more content…
Dr. Maria Seaman. I have attended this church since December 2, 2012. In the past three and a half years I have taken on the role of New Members New Understanding class administrator, official photographer, assistant graphic designer, youth amour bearer, Army for Christ leader, and youth conference assistant
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