My Relationship With My Father

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Me and my mentor are very alike in many ways, I’m tall and dark skin he’s a little taller and dark skin, we have the same walk, he has a beard I got a lil moustache. My mentor is my dad his name is Delwuan Banks SR, I’ve known my dad all my life he was there when I was first born, me and my dad are very close that 's like my Bestfriend I can talk to him about anything and he know he can talk to my about anything. My dad is also my role model but everytime I tell him that he says don’t be like him be better then him and I think I know why he says that so I just go along with it. My relationship with my mentor is that he’s my dad, my dad became my mentor when I started to look at him as a role model when he would help me with any of my problems and when he would always be there for me. He’s helped me a lot and encouraged me to be a man and do things on my own. I would never forget when my dad…show more content…
My dad likes to do everything the hard way and makes sure everything is done right but I told him you can do things the easy way sometimes and everything would still be done right and you don’t got to do a lot of work that will tire you out. I also taught my dad that it 's okay to take breaks from work my dad is what you call a workaholic he’s always at work even on the weekend, so I told him he can call off work sometimes or at least take a small vacation to get some rest he didn 't want to at first but he started to realize that everything I was saying made sense so he eventually took my advice and took a vacation from work for a week and a half. Me and my dad are very close i’m very grateful to have someone like him in my life. My dad has let me grow up and become a young man he’s taught me wrong from right and how to work to get what I want, he’s always there for me when I need him and I love him for that and that’s why my dad is my
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