Essay About My Mother

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An angel who starts to love you from your birth to her death and still loves you when she goes to the heaven. An angel that can be described as the translators of her kids. An angel which protects you from every evil. An angel that made countless sacrifices. That angel is your mother. If you check your memories with your mother, you can easily find out that your mom has these traits. Actually, all moms have them and we should be pleased and delighted for their faithful behaviors. On the other hand, each mom is special for their kids. Additionally, from my perspective, my mom is the best in the world and I want to talk about her.

First of all, I want to tell you about my relationship with my mother. The relationship with my mom is like stairs. It always goes up. We like, love and respect each other. Also, we have lots of things common. For instance, both of us are rigorous. We don’t like messy places. We do not like arrogant
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First of all, both of us like and love our mother a lot. Both of us sometimes try to follow her footsteps and go through the way our moms went. Both of our mothers are joyful and their characteristics reflected us. We are both joyful. They are hardworking and both of us are delightful about that. There are some opposite as well. For instance, my mother does not really like animals. Especially cats. She absolutely hates cats. For Sal’s mom, it is, reverses. She is an animal-lover. She likes feeding animals. She is sensitive and thoughtful about animals. Another thing is my mom does not try to be perfect or compare herself to some. Unlike my mom, Sal’s mom is can be jealous and can compare herself to someone easily. I believe Sal’s mom’s worst behavior is this. It may even cause a deep depression which may even cause her to suicide. I wish she won’t die in the
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