My Responsibilities To America Essay

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What are your responsibilities to America? Some people say their responsibility is to serve in the army, while others say that paying their taxes and serving jury duty when it comes up is enough to uphold their responsibility. Of many of the responsibilities we, American citizens, have, some of the most important are free speech to speak our opinions, educating ourselves in core classes, and voting, as it allows us to shape America in an image we want. The first of few are free speech. Given this responsibility at a mere two years of age, I’m expected to speak my mind about what I want. Of course, as a child, all I really want is more cookies, and possibly a new video game. “I think I should be allowed to play this game for two hours instead…show more content…
First, I’d learn to read and write. I’d learn the history of my people, and I’d learn the history of other countries. I’d learn to count as well as learn the parts of the body. Going into highschool, I’d have in-depth examinations of the articles of confederation and the amendments to the constitution. I’d read biographies of the founding fathers and world leaders, as well as start my own writings explaining history. I’d have essays filled with why World War II was so close, what happened between Russia and America, and why we had the Great Depression. When I’m twenty-one, I will be able to vote for the next election. My ideas I’ve shared with the world, and the massive amounts of education I’ve went through will have me prepared for our next presidential election. My vote, along with many others, will be important, and could possibly get my ideas for America implemented into the system. While I can never be sure what the future holds, I know that to be an American citizen, I must uphold what I consider to be my responsibilities. Only serving jury duty and paying my taxes is not enough for what this country does for me. In order to keep America free and safe, I will continue to educate myself and practice my free speech, preparing for the polls when they come
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