My Strengths And Weaknesses Analysis

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My 2016 school year have been filled with many up and down. This school year I was able to recognize some of my strengths and weaknesses and improve in some areas. When I sit back and think about myself as a student and everything I went thought, I realize that I have more strengths than weaknesses. Something I let some of my weaknesses show and my school suffers because of it. However, when I am focused and use of my time wisely the work say everything. I am trying not to let my weaknesses hold me back so it can make me a better student.
I have learned to distinguish my strengths as a student. One of the most important things is improve with my time management. I have learned that I don’t use my time very when it comes down to my assignments. I consider myself a procrastinator I away end up try to get everything done at the last minute which is all was hard. This has and probably will always be my biggest weakness as student. I have a lot on my plate most of the time so I have to try to balance
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I have two children and I work full time. Have the time to study isn’t easy. I am a single parent and I try to keep stay active in my kids life. By helping with their homework every night, tending to any the bumps or bruises, listening to their never-ending stories, being the assistant coach for their cheer squad and whatever else that comes there way. Being the only that takes care my kids when there sick or acting up at school can get hard to deal with at time, but I manage to make it all work somehow. On top of all of that I have a full time job which can get stressful at time. After a day doing for everyone else I just want relax. During that time I tend to spend time on my social media, listening to music or watching TV. I know I need to study, but I also need time to unwind. This causes me to lose lots of time and not do my school work. Having a minute to myself to study is hard to do most of the
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