My Role As A Teacher

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Teaching one of the main languages in the world is another world of creativity and building a bridge of communication with different kinds of cultures is one of the advantages of teaching and learning the English language. During my profession as a teacher in the future, I will try my best to assess the needs of our community socially and economically by raising responsible and educated generations that will make diverse changes in their society. By instilling the proper ways of using English as a tool to help others, students will be able to collide their intellectual abilities to solve problems and discover their personalities so that they can get more experiences in order to face the obstacles around them. Moreover, teachers are supposed…show more content…
The teacher has many responsibilities and roles that he has to apply within the classroom ,with other colleagues, and with his students. One crucial role is creating classroom environment. Create a warm, enjoyable and relaxing environment in the classroom, helps students to be involved in the curriculum that is taught. Another role a teacher should hold is being a resource provider in which different resources of activities and materials would help students to get more information about the course. As a teacher, I will be sharing my instructional materials with other teachers to help their students and also get their professional resources to help my students. Moreover, being a learning facilitator is an important role for teachers by which I can learn from and with other teachers to find out what most develops student learning. One more role is serving as a mentor which allows me to strengthen my leadership skills by working with individuals from distinct backgrounds and with different personality types. As a mentor, I have to consider the importance of developing and raising good…show more content…
As a teacher, I have to work hard to enhance my students ' roles in class. First of all, students have to be engaged in the learning process so, in order to achieve that, I must ensure that the classroom is a welcoming and safe environment so students feel accepted and affirmed. Moreover, surveying students favorites would help me to build a connection with students and this suggested information would serve as a motivator for enhancing the academic performance of the students. Learning opportunities must be collaborative so that peer relationships and social skills are active in order to help students to be engaged and motivated. Furthermore, make sure that students ' self-belief is enhanced and they must believe that they are able to learn and deal with failures in order to develop their confidence towards learning. Allowing students to enjoy learning by working with others will enhance their sense of competence because cooperation between the students among themselves is a basic aspect of the Reconstructivism philosophy. The most important thing that I must pay attention to is my relationship with the students because when students feel comfortable toward the teacher, they can be engaged easily in the

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