My Role As Role Models For Students

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I’ve always believed that teachers are responsible for setting a strong foundation for learning and should serve as role models for their students. I also believe that elementary school students are capable of taking responsibility for their actions with the support and guidance from their teachers and parents. Therefore, I plan to create a nurturing and positive classroom atmosphere for my students so they will feel like they are a part of a community. In my classroom, I will come up with a classroom routine that teaches my students to be responsible and independent, provide engaging activities that helps them to stay focus and productive, as well as inviting their parents into my classroom so they can be actively involved in their child’s education. One way I can teach my students to be responsible and independent is by assigning them with classroom jobs. For example, I can have my students be in charge of either erasing the board, collecting homework, or monitoring a station in my classroom. I believe that having a classroom job system will help children to understand that they are capable of keeping the classroom organized since they are aware of their responsibilities. If I have students who fail to follow my classroom rules, not completing their classroom jobs, or they continue to be disruptive, then I would let them know the consequences of their actions so they can learn from it instead of humiliating or punishing them. For example, if a student hurts their

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