My Role In My Writing Environment

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Writing is an activity I do to get problems or ideas out of my head and into a physical state. After writing an idea down, I find I am more confident in my words and actions. I feel that writing has kept me from losing my mind to a battle with chaos. Writing has kept me rooted in real life as well as my imagination. Just like anything else writing requires a bit of skill, time, patience, the correct process and the correct environment.
The environment writing calls for differs from person to person. For some people, silence is a necessity, it helps them hear that voice that leads their writing in the right path. For me however, a bit of white noise is required to drown out the world, the time needs to be late at night. I to rid myself of any distractions such as people or phones. I listen to really loud music or almost any genre of music without words. King’s claim about the environment does play a substantial role in my writing. Although King’s writing setting may diverge from
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My process is a far cry from normal. While writing essays, I get as much information down on paper then organize the information into paragraphs. Once that is done, I tend to write the story over in a few different forms then keep my favorite one. Although this process may sound strange, it works for me especially when I am in my writing environment.

Adjusting my writing environment would be quite troublesome due to the fact that I dislike writing in front of people or in busy, crowded places because I am easily distracted. Although I embrace change, I am pretty set in my old ways already and that can be difficult to change. If for some reason I absolutely needed to adjust my writing environment, I could probably switch to typing without much of a delay. If I needed to write outside in a busy crowded area I would need to make myself comfortable and then play some music on my phone to block out the
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