My Role Model In Education

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Parents, celebrities, and religious figures can all be examples of role models. Growing up I had great, supportive parents; although they supported me, I had other role models in my life—my educators. My high school and middle school experience taught me a lot about myself and other people; every student grows up in their own way. At Norris City-Omaha-Enfield High School I had some great and amazing teachers influence me and completely changed my outlook on life. Without my educators, my outlook on life would be totally different; teachers always told me that I can do whatever I wanted to pursue. Many of my goals were accomplished because of my educators; they have inspired me to reach another goal of mine—becoming a teacher. I hope one day that I will have an effect on students as much as my teachers had on me.…show more content…
I enjoy the environment at school and being involved with the students. To start my career path, I plan to attend Southeastern Illinois College to get my associate in science. After graduating from SIC I will transfer to the University of Southern Indiana to obtain my bachelors in biology education. Teaching science is a dream of mine because of the hands on experiments and problem solving. Plus, the excitement on the student’s faces when you perform an experiment would make me feel even more excited. After teaching high school for a while I hope to get my master of education leadership and get an endorsement in principle ship and superintendent;commanding a school would be my overall dream. Hopefully one day I can even be a superintendent of a district. Even at a higher administer When I retire, I hope to accomplish changing a student’s life and having a positive attitude on so many
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