My Role Model In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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She’s the one who understands me, she’s the one who leads with a Godly influence, she’s my role model. A role model can be someone famous or someone you know but my role model is my cousin. She’s the main reason I am who I am today. Even though Courtnie, my cousin, is older than me and has her own family she’s still the one who I look up to.
Courage is something I sometimes lack. I am a very introverted person when it comes to talking to complete strangers and sometimes people I know. I will look at a person and think if I talked to them they would probably think I am weird. Courtnie showed me that talking to people can help me and could also help others. When her and her husband lead a youth group there was a girl there that seem just like she needed a friend, but I was shamefully cautious of her. Her hair was unwashed and she smelled very badly. Courtnie walked up to me and told me to go sit beside her. I was thinking great why me. After talking to this girl after a while I found out that her story was kind of sad. She lived with her grandma and her grandma had cancer and was not expected to
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These are the quotes from Courtnie to me. She is always trying to show me that people will love you for who you honestly are. You don’t need to wear ragged clothes and absolutely no makeup but present yourself how you truly are. She lives by this and teaches me to also live by this. She found a handsome, kind boyfriend by living this way and eventually married him. By her doing this it shows me that it is not impossible to be yourself and find a guy that is everything you dreamed of.
My role model helps me get through anything and would do anything for me. She helps me without even knowing what she’s doing. My role model is courageous, outgoing, unashamed and real. I wish everyone could have someone like her to look up to in their
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