My Role Model

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Identity plays a big role in our lives. Identity is defined as characteristics that make up a person. Identities can be chosen, or they can be inherited by peers, parents, or friends. Some people can have multiple identities, others might have only one identity that describes who they are. Some characteristics of identity are hobbies that you enjoy doing, your religious beliefs, your ethnicity, your appearance, or your friends and family. I had a difficult time coming up with an identity that most defines who I am when I was younger. I looked up to Katie to help me figure out who I am. Ever since I was a child, I took mental notes on the things that Katie does and what she accomplished. I consider Katie to be my role model. I noticed that she would always try her hardest at everything that she does. She put an effort in all the homework that she did. Katie would stay up past midnight studying for future tests and finishing up homework. All that hard work paid off by getting into her dream school. I also looked up to my dad as a role model because he was also a hard worker himself. My dad would wake up early every morning to workout at the YMCA. After working out at the YMCA, he would go to work until five or six o 'clock in the evening. When he had inventory at the end of each month, he would come home later at night, such as eight or nine o 'clock at night. He would always come home from work exhausted and sometimes after he was done with dinner, he would go right up to

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