My Family: My Father Working At Home

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My father is a state officer and he works far from my home, it is about forty kilometers far, he is always busy with his work and many other things. Thus every weekday, my father goes to work at early in the morning and comes home quite late at night. With the role of man as the head of the family and also the breadwinner, my dad is not expected to do the household chores; in my view, the only housework that he is mainly responsible for is some “hard and complex” tasks such as repair electrical equipment, or something related to electric. For instance, if there is a broken bulb, my mother habitually waits for father coming home and repairing it, while she can easily do it by herself or let me do it. Although my father work outside of the home…show more content…
Being a traditional woman, my mum frequently encouraged me to join in housework with her and also assigned me daily chores like clearing dining- table, hanging clothes,… when I was a kid. Mother also teaches me cooking, baking, and knitting as well. I was wondering why mother had considerably sacrificed her pre-job to become a housewife; however, my mum said that is not a sacrifice but a priority. My mother is the familial women who put her family above all else. In addition, mother is the most influenced person on me in my family; that is the reason why I grow up with thought of “the simple work of women in a family is being a housewife and taking care of their children”. In early 2013, a week before Tet holiday, I went to visit a cousin who had just married. He is a lecturer and his wife is a manager of a supermarket. Having taken view how a wife prepares for New Year celebration, I was surprised when my cousin was cleaning and decorating house and had fully prepared everything to make “Banh Chung”. At that time, I felt something odd with his situation, but I could not identify what it
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