My Sassy Girl Analysis

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The first part would like to talk about the theme song “I believe” and the second part would talk about the Canon in D in this movie. The intoduction of I believe “I believe” is the theme song of my sassy girl. It was edited and sang by Shin Seung Hun, who is a Korean singer. This song has also translated into different Asian languages, for examples, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino. Moreover, there are three Chinese version, including the rearrangement by the Chinese lyricist, Taiwanese lyricist and the Hong Kong lyricist respectively. Each of the lyrics based on the original story my sassy girl, however there are slightly different between each of them. The analysis of the lyrics in Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong version The lyricists seems like expressing how the protagonists think and what they have done in this relationship. The Chinese version is from the sassy girl perspective and the Hong Kong version depict from Gyeon-woo’s perspective. The Taiwanese version from both the sassy girl and Gyeon-woo’s perspective because the Taiwanese version has two verse whereas the Chinese and Hong Kong version only have one verse. In the verse one of the Taiwanese version, the lyrics is about the Gyeon-woo waiting for the sassy girl in the rainy day. However, in verse two, it describe the scene that there are no responce from Gyeon-woo three years separation time. So, the Taiwanese version is from both protagonists. The Chinese version is only describing feeling of the sassy

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