My School Experience

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I woke up Monday morning and I was dreading going to school. I was late (as always) so I rushed out the door to get to school. Although I didn’t want to go to school, I was excited to see my friends who I had a great time with the week before. Last week was one of the best weeks of the year; I aced both of my tests, did great at my dance competition, and had the best time with my friends at a party. I was excited for the events of this week because what could go wrong?... Ready to start my week off great, I get to school and realise the schedule is different and I have to go to second period history instead of my first period class peer counseling. Peer counseling was my favorite class so I was bummed when I found out that I didn 't have it that day. I arrive to History when Mr. Bryant announces, “ok class, take out a sheet of paper and your Scantron.” Confused of why we needed a Scantron, I slowly pulled it out of my bag and looked up at the board. In big letters I read “Unit 8 Test: Civil War.” Thoughts swarmed my brain like a bomb about to explode. Apparently we had a history test which I was not ready for at all and I hadn’t studied one bit. As you would guess, I got my test back the next day and in bold red pen was a huge F on the top of my paper. I was doomed because I knew my parents would be so angry at me. I was worried about the following days ahead. The next terrible thing that happened to me that week was at dance. It was Tuesday night and I was already upset
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