My School Experience

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My mother tucked me into bed as she gives me a warm motherly goodnight kiss and telling me "Buenas noches mijo.". At 6 in the morning, I remember my mother with her towel on screaming at me to get ready as she braids my other sisters ' hair. Got my backpack. utensils, and everything that a scholar needed. We left the house at 7, I arrived at my school for the 1st day of Kindergarten, and I was excited yet nervous because I was shy to meet new people. When the bell rang, I ran into my class as fast as I could so I can be in front--like my mother told me. As the last one rang, I saw students from all backgrounds--Asians, Caucasians, African Americans, and mixed--talking to each other as if they knew each already...except no one was talking to me. I didn 't let it bother me. A few weeks later, no one came up to me and asked my name. I felt ignored. One day, I was walking out of my class and I remember these kids looking at me and suddenly throw rocks at me, leaving me with bruises and tears. I never told the teacher though since I wanted friends, but this hurt never stopped. From 2nd grade having to get punched from stomach to face, to 8th grade getting scratched in the face and having a scar on my bottom lip. No one ever liked me, and I didn 't know why. I suffered from depression. Being lonely. Having no friends. I wanted to be around people that can connect with each other, and I couldn 't. But, as you can see, I 'm very much alive. How? I realized that I needed to show
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